Monday, July 12, 2010

My Poor Neices and Nephews

I have only one sister and that's probably all I can handle. She used to make fun of me for crying during Little House on the Prairie all the while she was hiding her own tears. I didn't realize that until I was 30. She made up games that I could never win. She made me clean up my room while Mom and Dad were out of town. She thought going to "school house" days in the summer was fun. We had to dress up like prairie people. Whatever.

There are plenty of great things about her too. My kids have her number memorized and call her a lot. She really ended up being the fun mom. But based on our childhood, I thought she would be horrible. She wasn't going to let her kids watch Disney movies. She thought it would be fun to take her kids on an "Oregon Trail" vacation. I told her I felt sorry for her future children.

So now true to form she is torturing her children: they are driving through South Dakota. My nephew journaled this on his iPod. He's 11, three weeks older than my son. I think he may have a future as a South Dakota Tourism writer.

1st day

1. Laura Ingalls house learned about a bunch of c**p that was not needed in life unless you're giving a lecture about where to go and not to go. (don't go)

2. Well the hotel was fine I swam in a teeny tiny pool that the highest was 4' 6". They had cable witch was nice and watched a lot of that.

3. The Laura Ingalls play was terrible
first we go on a terrible cart ride, then we got stuck in a hail/thunder/rain storm. It blew over to the side. When the play started the lighting kept coming on. The best part of the play was the lightning it kept lighting up the sky. I was playing the PSP all the play until the 15 minute intermission. We left. (we were 2 hours early.

2 continued... So we went to the hotel and watched tv. I went to bed on a mat on the ground under the sink. Then In the middle of the night I woke and hit my head on a pole

2nd day

4. Woke up at hotel and took a shower. I ate some terrible breakfest. We checked out.

5. Got in the car and drove to the corn palace. Was terrible there was a giant corn cob walking around. There was a giant gift shop completely over priced. We found all our years of the corn palace and what they looked like. Mine had sports. Then we left without any corn to eat. (we were there for half an hour)

CAR. The scenery was great best part of trip to south Dakota beatiful landscape big hills, long rivers, and big bridges. Now were heading to wall drug for a while then were going to MT. Rushmore. (doesn't sound to promising.)

6. We went to the badlands by surprise with no appretiation from anyone exept mom and dad. The french and the indians actually agreed on something they both called it the bad lands in their own language. My mom took everyone to climb rocks. There were beware of rattlesnakes signs all over. We drove near the cliffs that were really high. My ears kept getting messed up so I kept yawning.

7. Wall drug was giant. Next to the scenery it was the best of the trip. (so far) I got a rootbeer malt which was real good. There were a lot of goodies that we could get that is up to 10$. There were like twelve different rooms

8. We made it to the hotel where we got a great room. It was the holiday in and watched a movie.(Kung Fu Panda)
Then we went swimming.

Now if I was his mom it'd be all about cable TV and swimming, something his mother has always hated to do. I hope for the kids sake the next leg of their journey includes lots of TV and video games and no more of the educational stuff.

Hmmm, what's that? I took my children to South Dakota in a pop-up camper last year? No way. We did not camp at the Ingalls Homestead. We couldn't have. I was going to be the fun mom remember?


SahlbergFamily said...

Hilarious! I think his favorite word is "terrible." However, I'm sure he will fondly remember this vacation when he's an adult AND repeat it with his kids too!

Peter and Nancy said...

So funny!! I have high hope of a trip to Colonial Williamburg in about 4 years . . . we'll see what kinds of reviews my kids write!