Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Sometimes I wonder…

why I got up to go jogging at 6 a.m.? I hate mornings and jogging. And then I remember it’s because my drill sargeant friend will pound down my door if I stand her up!

what got me all hyped up – runner’s high or coffee? Ha! It’s the coffee. Runner’s high – yeah right!

why I think such deep thoughts when I am in the produce aisle alone?

why I feel smug and superior when someone else’s kids has a fit at the store? I know full well mine would too if I hadn’t been smart enough to leave them at home.

why I am so proud that I bought sugar free coffee creamer when I always pour a bunch of sugar in a mug and then top it off with coffee and sugar free creamer?

why I feel so proud and happy when I clip coupons and save over $50 at the grocery store? And why if it’s so satisfying don’t I do it more often?

NewHope 036

why I am no longer embarrassed to have to push two carts out of the grocery store?

why I have a full size van, full size family and full size grocery bill but yet choose to take the little car to the grocery store? And upon getting to the car with two carts of groceries find the trunk is full of tools?

why I let my husband talk me into helping an older couple in church with a “small” project involving moving a trailer full of patio stones? After I jogged four miles?

if I will be able to move in the morning?

why lifting heavy things and having a bathroom nearby go hand in hand?

why I love texting when talking on the phone is obviously one of my natural talents?

why it seems more difficult to take one son shopping than three daughters lately?

why I cook a big meal so we don’t have to eat out while shopping and when I offer to buy a snack he chooses a Subway sandwich meal? As a midnight snack?

why I only buy asparagus and ice cream sandwiches when there are coupons?

how I got into the mall last night when after 8:00 p.m. is obviously an exclusive shopping time for the 15-21 year old age group?

why I feel like I am crawling with wood ticks when someone only mentions them?

why do I love Wild Cherry Pepsi but not Diet Pepsi or Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi?

why am I still up?

(I wrote this last night but was too tired to type it)

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