Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do You Manage or Mother?

The last few months I haven't been managing my mothering very well. There have been lost papers, missed deadlines, bad suppers and impatient responses.

It takes precision and organization to manage. Which are mostly skills I do not have. And no doubt mothers need to manage things to serve their kids. I usually prefer dealing with activities and papers than dealing with my children. It's easier.

What does it take to mother instead of manage?

A manager is concerned about what their kids do.
A mother is concerned with who her kids are.

Managers schedule and organize.
Mothers nurture.

Managers are concerned about the bottom line.
Mothers are concerned about the heart.

Managers get annoyed when things don't go as planned.
Mothers embrace the things unexpected moments bring.

Managers have a good grasp on the best way to reach goals and complete tasks.
Mothers take the time to meet needs.

Managers work.
Mothers play.

A manager may turn on the T.V.,
but a mother stays and snuggles.

A manager is focused on pursuing goals.
A mother puts the needs of her family first.

A manager imposes punishment.
A mother offers forgiveness and reconciliation.

A manager meets a precise bedtime.
A mother takes time for hugs and stories.

I'd rather mother with heart than manage with skill.


TAMMY said...

Great post! The one about the TV really hit a sore spot. How about if we snuggle while watching TV? ;)

Wayne Pederson said...


mamabear said...

What a wonderful post! I'm working on doing more mothering, less managing. The more kids we have, the more managing becomes a big thing, unfortunately. With prayer and self-discipline, I'm hopeful about being able to do both much better.

Sarah Johnson said...

I was feeling so smug about what I had accomplished today, despite my sick kids, and then I read your blog. It was like a God-ordained-kick-in-the-pants. This one is getting printed and hung on the fridge Michelle!

Peter and Nancy said...

This was a great post! The days where I've been a manager are the ones I feel crummy about at the end of the day. Too many missed opportunities.