Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Little Angel

We had our Christmas program.  Maren wasn’t exactly in tune with what was going on.  First, she got one of these from the fun, crafty lady at church.

christmasblog 007

She opened it and was concentrating so hard on getting each little MnM out of the bag.  Eventually one would pop out and roll away.  She would happily scurry after it and eat it right off the floor of the school our church meets in.  I’m sure it’s really clean.  That kept her busy for a while.

Then the program started and she was no little angel.  She took her shoes off, but she wasn’t the only one.  She stood in place for about five seconds, which I thought was pretty good.

christmasblog 012

Then she sat down, went up to the top of the risers by Jenna, sat with me, and  looked at the instruments in the basket.  Up, down, all around.

christmasblog 010 christmasblog 011 christmasblog 008

She finally decided to get in the game after it was over.  She even wore her hair bling.

christmasblog 013

Even in her flame red dress with a personality to match, she’ll always be our little angel.

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Peter and Nancy said...

Ha! I just love real-life pageant/play stories. This made me smile.

A friend of mine & Jenn's had one son (when he was three) who announced, "Now I'm going to do my exercises!" and then turned around and did some toe-touches. Right in the middle of our church's children's play. Hilarious!