Thursday, October 08, 2009

Move Over Martha

I’m not that adept at being domestic.  Martha Stewart I am not.  But I have been cooped up in the house for almost a week with sick kids.  Plus, it’s fall and I always feel kind of domestic as the weather turns colder.  So, I figured that I should do some stuff around the house since I couldn’t ignore it any longer. 


I cleaned my room.  My whole room.  I moved my dresser all by myself and vacuumed all the crevices.  I organized my closet.  OK, so it’s not MY room, I  share the room with Mike.  And I mainly cleaned it because I thought we were having overnight guests stay there.  They didn’t come since we had sickness.  I still finished cleaning our room anyway.  I know, amazing.

Blog10.7 009

That’s not a pile of clothes on the bed, it’s my daughter.  Also, notice how beautifully my team of decorators have decorated the walls.  I would have it no other way.


Then I baked a fancy Cinnamon Apple Cheesecake.  Seriously, there are chopped walnuts and oats in the crust.  I’ve had the recipe clipped since 2006 so I thought it was high time I try it.  It was fabulous.  Next time you have 36 free hours, you should totally make it.  I decided I should take a picture of it.  I happened to have some apples laying around that I didn’t put away.  So I threw them in for effect. 

Blog10.7 002 

Then I put in some more apples that I had picked off an apple tree.  Too much?


Blog10.7 004


Then I decided to clean the kitchen.  I bleached the counter tops.  I scrubbed the stove top.  I lit a candle. While I was cleaning under the colander with the garden potatoes I didn’t use the other night and never put away, I started throwing other random produce in there too so I could wipe the counters.  Mike came home and said he liked my basket.  Accidental Martha.

Blog10.7 001

I rearranged the pantry.  I wanted to get my beloved Crockpot off the counter.  Mostly because I’ve been threatened that I need to make something that is not all mushed together.  So we’re having tacos and spaghetti this week.  I even cleaned out the play dough box before I put it away.  Yes, I put it away.

Blog10.7 003

I went to bed pleased.  Clean room, clean kitchen, most of the laundry done.  So please tell me how on earth did my kitchen end up looking like this in the morning?

Blog10.7 006  Blog10.7 005 Blog10.7 007

And sometimes this is why I give up.  I also lost our cell phone, again.  So don’t try to call.

Because I’m not that creative and the domestic stuff doesn’t come naturally to me I don’t feel like a very good Mom.  But I still want to provide a home for my family.  A place they like to come home to. A refuge from the world.  A place they feel safe, loved and warm.  A place they want to bring their friends to.


The other night, Mike showed up with a 16 year old visitor for dinner.  He hasn’t had homemade food in a long time.  He is not able to  live with his mom.  He relished sitting at our table and eating a lot of food (when he wasn’t busy texting). 


So I continue to press on.  Even if I have to be an accidental or red-neck Martha, I still want to make my house a home.  And that does not come from the craftiness of my hands or the cleanness of my house, it comes from the love in my heart.


Anonymous said...

Wow you're room looked great!!
Hope your cell phone shows up.
Did you ever use the organizers from Debbi? She has more if you want more!!


Anonymous said...

Wow you're room looked great!!
Hope your cell phone shows up.
Did you ever use the organizers from Debbi? She has more if you want more!!


Anonymous said...

Oops, I didn't mean to send that twice!


Peter and Nancy said...

That cheesecake looks gorgeous! Hope it tasted as good as it looks. :o)

I feel housewife impaired sometimes too -- I happen to have two wonderful friends who are blessedly, amazingly organized. Everything has a place in their houses. Well, everything has a place in my house too . . . right now, some Legos, glasses case, nylons, a golf ball, and a hair clip all have a place on the counter next to my laptop!

Sarah Johnson said...

Thanks Michelle! Your blog is always so refreshing.