Saturday, August 29, 2009

Something to Believe In

We've been losing teeth like crazy lately. Our kids don't really believe in Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy but they want to. They go between trying to prove it's real to poking holes in the arguments. Mike's kind of a self-proclaimed expert because, well, he has actually met the tooth fairy.

Years ago when Mike's nephew Ethan was 8 or 9 we stayed at their house the very day he had lost a tooth. We were slated to sleep in his room and he was very concerned how the tooth fairy would find him. It seems unreliable tooth fairies run in the family because his tooth fairy forgot. In the morning the poor boy was devastated that the tooth fairy didn't come. Mike had put the change from his pocket on the dresser the night before and told him the tooth fairy came and tried to find his tooth but found Mike instead so he wrestled with her and the money went flying onto the dresser. I don't know if he actually believed him but he sure wanted to.

Jenna came running out of the bathroom the other day with a bloody mouth yelling, "I pulled my own tooth out!" The trouble is we have a very forgetful and lazy tooth fairy. She just doesn't do the best job. So as the kids put a tooth under their pillow they say things like, "I sure hope the tooth fairy doesn't forget again!" At that very moment, the tooth fairy makes a mental note to be sure to remember to put a dollar under the pillow when it's time for bed. But fairies have a lot on their minds sometimes or are too busy eating ice cream to remember. To make up for forgetting, the price doubles the next night.

Sometimes the male tooth fairy is better. The other night when he went in to collect the tooth (because the girl fairy remembered as she was falling asleep) he found a note that went like this:

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I yanked out my own tooth. Do I get double?

So the tooth fairy left this note:

Dear Miss Jenna,
I am sorry to inform you that I cannot pay you double for pulling your own teeth. In fact, according to section 5072 of the tooth pulling manual, that job is reserved for Dentists and Dads. By the way, you have a very handsome Dad. Thanks for the tooth; here's your dollar.

The Tooth Fairy

Isn't the make-believe world fun?


Bonny said...

Rob and I both had a good laugh at this one!

The tooth fairy had a very quick scramble this morning, after a certain toothless girl was rummaging around in her bed, looking for payment.

When J broke one of his front teeth off in football (not playing football, swinging his helmet around before the game started) he was told that he owed the tooth fairy a couple hundred dollars. :-)

Henny said...

too cute! haha