Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me!

I sadly have a lot more things to unconfess this week.

I did not hang off the side of the dump trailer to give it “enough weight” to go back down.

I did not have to leave my children’s Grandparent’s Day program because Maren’s diaper leaked all over her and me. When I got out to the van, I did not realize that I had no extra diapers along because I have five kids and would think of that. Then I did not realize that Mike had the keys to the van and take her back into the program bare-bottomed under her dress. I'm now very thankful that they dim the lights during those productions!

I did not bribe a child with a sucker to get their haircut and then let her win by leaving still long-haired- with the sucker in her mouth.

I did not get all mushy over feeding a friend’s baby. She is not scrumptious and I don’t at all miss babies. After all, isn’t five enough?

I did not get to church to find another diaper problem and again realize that I had no diapers. I did not have to run home during Sunday School opening to get her changed and hurry back in time to teach my lesson.

I did not tell my oldest to let Dad know I was taking Maren home from church to take care of the diaper issue. Mike did not call frantically looking for her. That would never happen here.

I did not hear my daughter yell, “She Hates Me!”. She is not very dramatic and does not take after her mother.

I did not tell someone to wear “decent” clothes to their school concert. We always dress appropriately in this family and never wear our older brother’s hand-me-down sweats with holes in them.

I did not lay down for a few minutes to get Maren to sleep and wake up two hours later. I need to use my time wisely and would never squander away a few hours like that!

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Amy said...

So many things about this ring true with me, esp the diapers. I can't tell you how many times we've been caught without them. You would think, with this being number four, that I would know by now to keep a spare someplace in the car.
I love the nap too. When I was pregies I would sit recline on the couch and wake up two hours later. Thanks goodness the kids behaved. I hate to think what they could get in to with 2 hours of no supervision! :)
Thanks for your thoughts on sleep. Very encouraging.