Monday, May 04, 2009

Not Me!

When I read about Not Me! Monday I figured I’d better get on board. Here are my unconfessions for the week!

I did not get out of the shower to find my youngest in the cupboard dumping out all the kool-aid and pudding packets she could find. And I definitely did not take a picture of it for my blog. That might make her think it was ok.

Upon hearing that one of the kids vomitted while I was gone, I did not think “I’m so glad I wasn’t here!” I would never do that.

I did not hear my girls talking about their school field trip to the circus. I did not hear one say, “The girls were dressed to inappropriately!” And the other one say, “Yeah, I could see one of their cheek butts!”

I did not have to take my screaming child out of church three times yesterday. I’m the pastor’s wife and I sit in the front row.

I did not eat ½ the pan of chocolate crunch brownies. I made them for my family and everyone knows that I DO NOT eat sugar anymore!

I did not make such a big fool of myself on the tennis court that my husband literally fell over laughing. After all, I am a good tennis player who has a lot of time to practice.

I did not leave my purse at the coffee shop after our tennis date. I didn’t have any kids to keep track of and I am always attentive to where my stuff is.

Upon returning from tennis and coffee, I did not pick up my two year old because she was crying in her crib and let her come watch T.V. with us. I would never do that because bedtimes and sleep schedules are important. And two year olds are not supposed to watch T.V.

I did not spell "hear" the wrong way and go back and fix it later.

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