Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grown-Up Stuff

I don't have a lot of nice stuff anymore. I pretty much wear the same sweatshirt all the time, my table is stained, my dishes are chipped. I've gone from a coach purse to a sling backpack that was $4.99 and I'm okay with that.

Of all the things that have broken around here, this makes me the most sad.

I'm not a wine drinker (or a photographer and apparently I need to get some Jet Dry) but I liked having these stem goblets. They were just one nice thing I could drink my Diet Coke or water out of. Even though I bought all four of them at Wal**** for less than five dollars. Sometimes in the midst of the chaos I just like to have one grown-up, fancy thing.

I was very dismayed when I found my last of the four goblets cracked this morning. I almost had a little tear over this. Actually I didn't, but now what am I going to drink out of that's just for me? A flask? Well, actually....

I bought this aluminum water bottle at ***mart for $4. It's fun, keeps the water cold and makes it easy to transport. I'm not sure how it would do with Diet Coke but I'm trying to kick that habit anyway. Now I have a new thing. It's more me. Not fancy, just functional. And it's now my kids' new water bottle for baseball. The handle has been broken off and it's always dirty or missing.

I'm seriously considering digging out the good (non wal***t) goblets I got for my wedding. I've already broken one of those too and when else am I going to use them? I will do my best to keep them from becoming sand box toys or swords.

Maybe there will still be one of the eleven of those left to toast the empty nest.

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